We help launch topic specific and regional search engines
Internet search suffers from a “one size fits all approach”. It is time for more diverse search tailored to the needs of the user.

Search engines need a lot of data, no matter if it is a universal search engine, a topic search engine or a regional search engine. To collect this data in advance and continuously takes a lot of work and effort.

This is exactly the work that search engine operators can save in the future.

We provide tailored web data
A topic specific or regional search engine needs the data for all web sites relevant for the topic. There is no need to crawl the whole internet yourself and filter the data: deepnoc will offer a comprehensive cache of all web pages worldwide and keeps it constantly up to date. And then delivers just the fitting data as a data package and data stream to search engines and services.

This approach for collecting the web data is 95% less costly and time-consuming than direct crawling.

Existing search engines can benefit from our cache by massively expanding their index size at low cost.

More efficiency for a greener Internet
Web server and data center operators can reduce their traffic and saving a lot of energy. Currently, 250 different web bots cause a significant CPU load for many websites. Using the deepnoc cache, these bots can access the data without having to access every single web page themselves.

Those who today still do their own crawling can access data more cost efficient, faster and more extensively with deepnoc.

Think big - start through
Request your data set of 1 million/100 million webpages now

Import the data into your database and start building your search engine

Send us an email with a short project description to:

Current status
(Aug 2021): We can crawl 100 million web pages a day.
next: build a web cache of 1 billion pages.
next: publish your urls to the deepnoc cache.

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Our supporters
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